Average Bench: 38% - 487th / 921

more Based on 272 User Benchmarks.  Models: WDC WD5000AAJS-00YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-98TKA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-00YFA, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-08A8B, WDC WD5000AAJS-0, WDC WD5000AAJS-55TKA0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22TKA0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-55A8B0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00TKA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-22TKA0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-22A8B0, WDC WD5000AAJS-00TKA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-22A8B, WDC WD5000AAJS-55A8B0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00YFA, WDC WD5000AAJS-55A8B2, WDC WD5000AAJS-19A8B2, WDC WD5000AAJS-55YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-22YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-22YFA, WDC WD5000AAJS-22TKA, WDC WD5000AAJS-00TKA, WDC WD5000AAJS-57YFA2, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22A8B0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00A8B0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22A8B, WDC WD5000AAJS-00A8B, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00A8B2, WDC WD5000AAJS-08A8B0, WDC WD5000AAJS-32TKA0, WDC WD50 00AAJS-00TKA, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22YFA, WDC WD5000AAJS-32YFA0, WDC WD5000AAJS-2, WDC WD5000AAJS-00A8B2, WDC WD50 00AAJS-57YFA2, WDC WD50 00AAJS-22TKA, WDC WD5000AAJS-00A8B0

Poor effective speed

The WD Blue 500GB (2007) averaged 62.0% lower than the peak scores attained by the group leaders. This isn't a great result which indicates that there are much faster alternatives on the comparison list.


Avg. 4K Random Mixed IO Speed 0.35MB/s
Avg. 4K Random Write Speed 1.91MB/s

Poor consistency

The range of scores (best-worst) for the WD Blue 500GB (2007) is 60.3%. This is a particularly wide range which indicates that the WD Blue 500GB (2007) performs inconsistently under varying real world conditions.


Avg. Sequential Write Speed 64.1MB/s
Avg. Sequential Mixed IO Speed 55.9MB/s

Average Bench

(Based on 272 samples)
Min Avg Max
44.5 Read 67.8 88.5
43 Write 64.1 85.1
23.3 Mixed 55.9 82.9
47% 62.6 MB/s
Min Avg Max
0.25 4K Read 0.5 0.69
0.94 4K Write 1.91 2.44
0.22 4K Mixed 0.35 0.47
95% 0.92 MB/s
User Benchmarks Bench Sequential Random 4k Deep queue 4k
The fastest HDD (mainstream) averages a speed of 100%
USA-User, 21 Aug '15
297GB free
Firmware: 01.03B01 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 79.8
Write 77.3
Mixed 78.4
59% 78.5 MB/s
4K Read 0.4
4K Write 1.76
4K Mixed 0.36
89% 0.84 MB/s
DEU-User, 23 Aug '15
127GB free
Firmware: 01.0 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 90.7
Write 55.6
Mixed 84.9
58% 77.1 MB/s
4K Read 0.65
4K Write 2.48
4K Mixed 0.41
119% 1.18 MB/s
USA-User, 21 Aug '15
378GB free
Firmware: 12.0 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 70.4
Write 73.1
Mixed 71.9
54% 71.8 MB/s
4K Read 0.58
4K Write 2.47
4K Mixed 0.4
114% 1.15 MB/s
USA-User, 28 Aug '15
47GB free
Firmware: 12.01C01 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 66.9
Write 68.6
Mixed 51.4
46% 62.3 MB/s
4K Read 0.38
4K Write 1.62
4K Mixed 0.21
69% 0.74 MB/s
AUS-User, 21 Aug '15
182GB free
Firmware: 12.01C02 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 64.2
Write 62.5
Mixed 30.9
39% 52.5 MB/s
4K Read 0.58
4K Write 1.86
4K Mixed 0.4
103% 0.95 MB/s
DEU-User, 23 Aug '15
134GB free
Firmware: 12.0 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 54.8
Write 59.7
Mixed 46.3
40% 53.6 MB/s
4K Read 0.45
4K Write 1.89
4K Mixed 0.28
85% 0.87 MB/s
GRC-User, 28 Aug '15
127GB free
Firmware: 12.01C02 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 54.5
Write 53.7
Mixed 57
42% 55.1 MB/s
4K Read 0.43
4K Write 2.39
4K Mixed 0.39
105% 1.07 MB/s
USA-User, 21 Aug '15
142GB free
Firmware: 01.0 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 51.3
Write 56.5
Mixed 63.6
43% 57.2 MB/s
4K Read 0.39
4K Write 1.59
4K Mixed 0.32
82% 0.77 MB/s
SVK-User, 27 Aug '15
35GB free
Firmware: 12.0 Max speed: SATA 2.0 300 MB/s
Read 45.3
Write 33.1
Mixed 38
29% 38.8 MB/s
4K Read 0.4
4K Write 1.39
4K Mixed 0.3
71% 0.68 MB/s


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Jet ski
Workstation 42%
Speed boat
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Popular Blue 500GB (2007) compatible motherboards.

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