Real World Speed
Performance profile from 936 user samples
282 User Benchmarks:
Best Score: 94% 2TB free
Worst Score: 32% 2TB free
Worst: 32% Best: 94%
SPEED RANK: 89th / 880
654 User Benchmarks:
Best Score: 99% 1TB free
Worst Score: 20% 2.5TB free
Worst: 20% Best: 99%
SPEED RANK: 117th / 880
Avg. Sequential Read Speed
118 MB/s Slightly faster read speed.
111 MB/s -6%
Avg. Sequential Write Speed
112 MB/s Slightly faster write speed.
105 MB/s -7%
4K Read?
Avg. 4K Random Read Speed
0.63 MB/s -2% 0.64 MB/s +2%
4K Write?
Avg. 4K Random Write Speed
2.01 MB/s +5% 1.92 MB/s -5%
Avg. Sequential Mixed IO Speed
101 MB/s Slightly faster mixed IO speed.
90.6 MB/s -11%
4K Mixed
Avg. 4K Random Mixed IO Speed
0.23 MB/s Slightly faster random mixed IO.
0.21 MB/s -10%
Peak Sequential Read Speed
158 MB/s Slightly faster peak read speed.
149 MB/s -6%
Peak Sequential Write Speed
143 MB/s +2% 140 MB/s -2%
4K Read?
Peak 4K Random Read Speed
0.89 MB/s -3% 0.92 MB/s +3%
4K Write?
Peak 4K Random Write Speed
2.62 MB/s +2% 2.56 MB/s -2%
Peak Sequential Mixed IO Speed
134 MB/s +3% 130 MB/s -3%
4K Mixed
Peak 4K Random Mixed IO Speed
0.29 MB/s +4% 0.28 MB/s -4%
Value For Money
68.3 % -8% 73.9 % Slightly better value.
User Rating?
UBM User Rating
64 % Slightly more popular.
58 % -10%
Price (score)
$114 -13% $99 Slightly cheaper.
Effective Speed?
Effective HDD Speed
66 % Slightly faster effective speed.
62 % -6%
30 Months Much more recent.
45 Months -33%

With peak sequential read/write speeds of 140 and averages of 120 MB/s the 3TB WD Red is around 25% slower than the group leaders. If the Red is used in a NAS (Network Attached Storage), that won't make much difference because the vast majority of home networks still operate at Fast Ethernet (~10 MB/s), even users with faster Gigabit (~100 MB/s) networks will be limited by their network bandwidth before the drive. I could assume that any of our drives are for use in a NAS but that of course doesn't excuse sub-par performance because they could equally be used in a desktop. It's true that the power consumption (4.4W) on the Red is lower than average (6W) but the performance hit isn't justified. Even assuming continuous usage, those extra couple of watts for something like the Seagate Baracuda 7200.14 amount to a few pounds a year at most. At £133 this dive is both overpriced and offers sub-optimal performance. [Feb '14 HDrivePro]


Compared to the Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 3TB there are no tangible upsides to this drive. The ONLY benefit seems to be a 2W power saving whilst the drive is active. [Nov '12 HDrivePro]


Hard Drive User Rankings (Charts) January 2015 HDD Rankings.

Welcome to our consumer Hard Drive comparison. We calculate effective speed which measures performance for typical consumers. Effective speed is adjusted by cost per GB to yield value for money. Calculated values don't always tell the whole picture so we check them against thousands of individual user ratings. Vote to share your opinion. [HDrivePro]

Group Test Results

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